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Tales of Good Life

Since the moment we've met
Every day I hear from you
Tales about those who live
Swimming in the sea of gold.

All that they want they get,
Their life is just so cute,
They've already achieved
Perfect top of rich men's world.

Telling those tales,
You want to be on their place?
If living good
Be more happy you would?

Tales of good life -
Cut me without knife.
Do you really think our life is so bad?
Tales of good life -
I hate enough.
We aren't living in misery, boring or sad!
Our story wasnt long.
Sweet life dreams drive you insane,
Dolce vita for you
Become the meaning of you life

Finally you have gone
Looking for another life
Looking for millionaire
Dreaming to become his wife.

No more those tales
Now you are on their place.
But for you its not good
Now you have understood

Music and lyrics: Dmitry Petrov