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Rock City

I saw rock city in my dreams
With joyful people, crowd on the streets
With air full of hot fan screams
With air full of rock'n'roll hits

From that great vision I ve been awaken
And all my life since that moment was broken
I couldn't eat I even couldn't drink
The rock city was all about I could think!

This is the rock city, city of rock'n'roll
This is the music I like, music for my soul
Can you believe that is true, that is real stuff
This is the city of rock, it is town of love

In my dreams, Rock city - staying out of control
I believe, Rock city - you will never fall
Rock for me, Rock city - don't let me stop
Rock, Rock, rock Rock city - come on, rock to the top !
Some years later I was in trip
All night on the road and I could not sleep
I was exciting about what - I didn't know
I felt that tonight Ill see some great show!

We came to one city in the middle of night
Ive got out to street - to the sea of light
I've looked around and seen unreal thing
From every window Ive heard rock'n'roll singing!!!

Music and lyrics: Dmitry Petrov