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Hurt Me

I'm tired of losing you
Day after day
You come for an hour
And then walk away

You say that you love me
But it makes so much pain!
And I see you with others
Again and again

One day youve hurt me
Broke my heart with the lie
Can I believe you
Ever more till I die

One day youve hurt me
Another day you'll deny
Would have I to give you
Any more chance to try?
Days and nights are going away
But you don't want to change
Everything that you're doing
Seems to me still so strange

You still say that you love me
But still cheat everyday
Everyday with the others
Our love you betray

And every day
You loose right way
I can not suffer anymore begging you to stay

Is this youre looking for?
It wouldnt be like before!
Theres no place left for you in my life anymore!

Music and lyrics: Dmitry Petrov