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Prisoner of Dreams

In my dreams every night
I live my life again
Going through all past joy
And all past pain

And I want to born again
Dont feel what Ive got
Live life without shame
Live it from the start

Dreaming dreams of tomorrow
Dreaming dreams of yesterday
With the happiness and sorrow of each day
All my sins and my achievements
Every night they come to me
Im a prisoner of my dreams
God, please set me free!

And now I know that only you
Can build your life yourself
On you depend
Behavior, mind and health

And only youre guilty
For every word youve said
For everything that happens
Good and bad!

Have no money change you job
See the deadlock turn or stop
Have some doubts change your way
Change your life from day to day
And never be sorry for your past
Make tomorrow better, better, the best

Music and lyrics: Dmitry Petrov