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Made Of Steel (2012 Pre-Release)

Dedicated to Klitchko brothers

Heavy punch
Cuts ground under my feet
Sight gets dark
And heart has stopped the beat!

People are shouting Go on!
Crowding around the ring
Referees voice monotone
His count for me like the keen

Few moments are left to get up
I have to summon all my will
Remember nobody can stop
The guy who was born made of steel

Im rising again
To fight till the end
No way to fall down
Just to keep walking ahead

To come through the pain
Forget what fear is
To victorious end
Going with the clenched teeth

Im moving so fast in the ring
Opponent is looking a chance
To find any weakness and brake
My impenetrable defense.

Now I have not hurry up
I have to be patient and wait
I need only one proper strike
For solving this hard battles fate

(Music: Serge Zarudniy / Lyrics: Dima Petrov)